REGULATORY REFORM: Sign Petition and Tell Your Senator to Support

All Americans, including farmers and ranchers, need a regulatory system that is fair.

The House has passed an omnibus regulatory reform bill, H.R. 5.  We need the Senate to follow.  They will only do so if you and other Farm Bureau members tell them how important Regulatory Reform is.

We have an interest in a regulatory process that is transparent, that is fact-based and respects the will of Congress and the separation of powers in the Constitution.

The U.S. regulatory system is broken. Overreach by federal agencies has eroded trust in government and impedes economic growth by imposing unnecessary burdens on businesses, including farmers and ranchers. The incoming Trump administration has made regulatory reform a high priority, which means we have the best opportunity we’ve seen in years to make much-needed reforms to our regulatory process.


  • Limits an agency from lobbying for its own rulemaking (Peterson Amendment);
  • Ensures transparency;
  • Reaffirms congressional intent in rulemaking;
  • Ensures agency accountability; and
  • Strengthens the public’s right to know.

Sign the Petition Now to Ask Your Senator to Support REGULATORY REFORM

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